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Item Descriptions
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Item Descriptions

The descriptions of many items, especially magazines and calendars, frequently include the words "featured" and "also with". This is a way of indicating how prominent the person or topic's appearance in the item is. "Featured" means the person or topic appears prominently in the item, whereas "also with" or "includes" indicates a relatively small role. For example, a magazine that "features" model Elle MacPherson might contain an 8-page article about her with 5 large color photographs, whereas a magazine that "includes" her or says "also with" Elle MacPherson might only have one small photograph of her.

Condition Grades

All items at Colossus Collectibles are used (preowned) except where "Mint" condition is indicated. All videos are legitimate retail product (not bootleg copies).

Whenever pictures are given, they serve merely to illustrate the product. The picture you see may not necessarily be of the exact specimen being offered for sale. Please refer to the condition grade, not the picture, for a better idea of how the item you are considering buying will look.

All items except comics:

Mint - Unopened and sealed, as it came from the publisher.

Used - Refers to a videotape or CD-ROM that has been opened. Since these items do not degrade with use and the condition of their box or case is rarely a factor, they are not given more detailed grades. This grade is not given to any other items.

Near Mint (NM) - The plastic wrapping has been removed, or the seal broken, but otherwise the item is just as good as if it were sealed. Most collectors and end-users should not care whether an item is "Mint" or "Near Mint," but people who are buying the item to resell or as a gift for someone else will.

Excellent (Ex) - Shows only slight wear, which can only be seen at close inspection. Examples: a few light scratches on a magazine cover, which can only be seen when holding it at a certain angle to the light; corners that are slightly rounded instead of being perfectly square.

Very Good (VG) - Shows light wear from oridnary, careful usage. Examples: a magazine cover is a little loose around the staples and has some minor yet noticeable marks or scratches; a few pages may be dog-eared; edges may be worn.

Good (G) - Shows noticeable wear, but which is from normal usage, rather than disaster or intentional disfigurement. Unless specifically stated otherwise, all contents are intact (e.g. no pages missing). Examples: cover is loose or even unattached; creased; has a water ring from the bottom of a drink glass; someone wrote their name on it in ink.

Fair (F) - Shows heavy wear, possibly from abuse or serious neglect. Examples: tears; pages missing; large stains.

Poor (P) - Anything goes. This designation is only used for covers where the item itself is in better condition and might be useful to someone who only cares about the inside contents, not the cover.

No Label (NL) - Indicates a magazine that does not have a mailing label attached on the cover. Unless you see this designation, assume that the magazine has a mailing label.

Some items (especially magazines) are given two grades, e.g. Ex/G. This indicates a magazine that is in Excellent condition on the inside, but the cover is only in Good condition. Please be familiar with this notation. Most people would be happier with a magazine graded "VG" than with one graded "Ex/G".

Comics are graded according to the following scale: Mint, Near Mint (NM), Very Fine (VF), Fine, Very Good (VG), and Good (G).

Quantity Discounts

Take a volume discount of 10 percent off every order of three items or more, and 15 percent off every order of ten items or more. Quantity discounts do not apply to auction sales.

Ordering Procedure

This procedure does not apply to auction sales. Auction buyers must follow the procedure described in the auction rules and in follow-up e-mails.

Privacy Statement: All sales and correspondence are confidential. Your e-mail address, personal information, and sales history will not be disclosed to any third parties.

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